Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lost Girl 'Sleeping Beauty School' review: Fatal express

Sorry about the delay! As if anyone reads this, but if you do and want to know what delayed me: college life! November as a college student is overwhelming. Anyway, let's get into this episode.

There's no simple way to say this, but this wasn't exactly my favorite episode of the series. Where the season four premiere made a strong case for the series without Bo and for the show to be carried by its supporting players, this episode did not. I think a lot of that has to do with the premise of the premiere episode, of course. "In Memoriam" set itself up for campy success when it had everyone lose their memories. It also had quite an easy plot to follow, perhaps too simple, but never confusing. Everyone was trying to get the compass to regain their memories.

This episode reminded me a lot more of that episode where Bo and Tamsin are strung along on her test/journey thing, where it just seemed the rules and the next levels of the game were made up on a whim without any thread or connection to what came before. That's not the best of signs, even from a simple storytelling standpoint. The same goes for why Isobel from The Vampire Diaries is like a riddle wrapped in an enigma: she's against them, then she's helping them, and in the future she's going double-cross them thanks to that mysterious Vex situation? Or even nitpicks, like, from the phone call, it appears Lauren doesn't know much about Bo's situation. And if I suddenly got my memory back out of nowhere, I'd probably be a little more, "What the %$&#!?" I'm just confused on that front. I can understand her not wanting to speak to Bo directly, because perhaps in her mind she fled and left Bo and doesn't want to deal with that conversation, however.

But if it's true that Lauren doesn't know about Bo, it's interesting how we can interpret Dyson's side of the conversation. I don't think I've ever perceived Dyson to specifically want to take out Lauren, as she is his competition, but it doesn't ring completely altruistic when he tells her she can't come back, especially if he chose to not disclose about Bo's whereabouts.

And speaking of Lauren, I suppose we have to discuss Crystal. (How Glee/Demi Lovato were they? Ugh, I hate that I can make that reference.) I think where this is going is a "depending on the kindness of strangers" space, since Lauren has plenty of reason to feel distrustful of people. I don't think she's entered a relationship recently (and I don't mean strictly romantic) where the other party isn't trying to get something in return, or is a bit deceiving. It's a shock to find someone who is who they say they are and is the least bit selfless. If that's true, that's a noble effort on character development, but I just wish they had scenes outside the world's most dimly lit diner. And if it's the alternative — where Crystal back stabs Lauren for whatever reason — then, ugh. And even if it's not the alternative, I just want everyone to be back in the same location already. Sorry, Crystal.

Back home, everyone is trying to find Bo, who woke up on the Polar Express/midnight train to Georgia/any other train joke, and you already know how I feel about that quest. But I particularly wasn't a fan of all the "She has the best heart!" "I want to be a part of you!" speak. It felt a bit overwrought, but at least we made some movement on the Kenzi/Hale front. On the other hand, I've been enjoying the Wanderer mystery ever since it was introduced, but even then I'm also ready for Lost Girl to show its hand here.

Meanwhile, Tamsin has apparently been reborn. For me, personally, this was the storyline that worked the most if only because it was funny. That little girl was totally Tamsin. It's funny how everyone's regressed a bit without Bo in the picture. Tamsin was literally reverted to a baby valkyrie, Kenzi seems to be headed toward her five finger discount days, and even Lauren changed her name (again). That said, Lauren doesn't know Bo's gone, so I think I'll have to wait to make that sort of conclusion.

Anyway, not the most exciting follow-up after what I would call a quite entertaining premiere. But it appears Bo will be back in the game next episode, and I'm ready for that! What did you guys think?

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