Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lost Girl season 4 premieres today! Here are 4 reasons you should watch

I have bad news, everyone: a somewhat groundbreaking show has been on the airwaves for three years now and you've been missing it. Yep, sorry to break it to you; I also hate it when I've been missing awesome television.

The truth is that Lost Girl isn't breaking the bank most of the time. The creators know it; the fans know it; and it really doesn't matter. That's because what Lost Girl can't bring in spectacle, it makes up for in charm — and trust me, you're going to like it. People asked me to watch it over the summer, and I'm very glad I did.

Lost Girl is the story about Bo, a succubus who is always in dire need of sexual healing. The only problem is that her recreation can kill, and being "fae" comes with its own set of issues. Think Angel meets Chuck, and you kind of have Lost Girl. I won't bore you with a long diatribe, but here's why you should watch, in no particular order:

1. Allegories galore and sexuality

Lost Girl is a supernatural series, yes. But as with all good supernatural series, the show is anything but escapism. It's grounded in reality and oftentimes has plenty to say. Lost Girl dips into commentary on social class systems, how society is governed, and growing into a sexual being.

And although some fans think this part is overstated, I'd be remised if I didn't mention sexuality and sexual orientation. Our main character, Bo, is allowed to sleep with as many people (of whatever gender) as she wants without being called a slut. It's a fascinating exploration into sexuality and plenty of times uses its supernatural elements to make connections with what it means to want sex and the plights of being attracted to the same gender — or even the opposite gender.

And if you're watching on SyFy in the U.S., you know that all these issues are anything but common on our television screens. Quick, name another main character on a TV show that is bisexual!

2. Humor

Lost Girl doesn't take itself too seriously, which is welcome when there are succubi, werewolves, and sirens running about. If you're thinking that you don't want to get involved with a fantastical show that has too many elements that convolute your mind: then, fear not. Lost Girl is very self-aware and makes use of all the humor it can mine out of any situation.

As aforementioned, it's a small budget, but the charm and camp more than make up for it. Besides, that's much better than trying to pretend you have a huge budget and failing at spectacle.

And even though everyone adds to the quip, you have to at least stick around for a Kenzi zinger.

3. Love triangle done right

By now, I think plenty of television audiences are tired of the ol' love triangle plot contrivance. But one thing that Lost Girl understands about love triangles is that either side needs to be different, as opposed to how different sides of love triangles blur into themselves on today's current slate of TV. On Lost Girl, the two sides of the love triangle are so different, they're even different genders.

But that's only the shallow reason they're different. Both Lauren and Dyson represent varying parts of Bo's nature and her being. They also appeal to differing parts of her reasoning; Lauren is more pragmatic, while Dyson is much more emotional, for instance.

The truth is that the love triangle helps to illuminate our character much more than it's used as part of frothy entertainment. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

4. Serial + Procedural storytelling

I get it. If you wanted to watch a procedural, then you'd watch Law & Order. I'm not going to say that every case of the week on Lost Girl is fascinating, but I've got to be honest: There are some intriguing ones — and then there are times where a plant is eating people. Even the best series suffered from that quirk (like the time a computer virus manifested itself on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

The point being that Lost Girl tells a serial story. It has been for three seasons now! But it knows exactly when to dip into the case-of-the-week well when it has to, and it knows how to have those cases reflect back upon the major story arc. So whether you're here for the major mythology (like who is Bo's parents!?) or whether you're here for the fun and games (like Bo and Kenzi going undercover in a strip club with wigs), then there's something for every type of audience.

Season four of Lost Girl premieres tonight in Canada and in 2014 in the U.S. If you're looking for that cult-y supernatural show with a message to get into, Lost Girl is it. And it's hitting the airwaves again quite soon. You've still got time (more, if you're in the U.S.), so start with tonight's episode or start with Netflix!

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